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Raising Kids in the Digital World

OK, game on!! With the new iPhone out and the tussle between Apple and Samsung swelling, our kids are diving right into the mix wanting the latest and greatest of smartphones. My girls are so mad at me for not upgrading them to at least an iPhone 5 – not until their renewal in January. […]

Angel in Tara's Garden

When the World Says No: Power of Forgiveness

Oh, no. Recently, I wrote about the power of NO. It’s a powerful word. And in this context I spoke of NO as a self-compassionate response, as well as an act of self-care. When we hear the tiny word, a huge reaction takes place inside. The sound of NO resonates right through to our emotional […]

Daddy and Tara, Long Island - LQ

Even Deadbeat Dads Deserve a Tribute

It goes without saying how important fathers are. Social science research is chock full of studies proving that involved dads positively impact the emotional and behavioral wellbeing of their little boys and girls. Protective factors for girls involve delay of sexual risk taking; and for boys, decreases in behavioral problems and criminal activity. Overall, a […]