I’m a clinical psychologist, meditation teacher, and life learner on resilience, self-compassion and healing.

Please, Perform, Perfect: Are you ready to meet your inner critic?



I work with companies and organizations to create ideal roadmaps for arriving at a more empathic, engaged and inspired environment.


For individuals or groups I pinpoint paths to self-healing and relationship rebuilding in the quest for true contentment through coaching and counseling.


I deliver a life-transforming, heart-changing call to kindness, that when put into action, has the power to exceed our communities, boundaries and our wildest dreams.

Why Work With Me

I am a guide for people who want to feel whole, centered and grounded. To enjoy time rather than maximize time. To commit to self-care without making it a crime to do so.

In other words, I help you befriend yourself and live with more ease, play and purpose.

My work with people focuses on themes like..

  • Discover the inner algorithms that need an upgrade 
  • Transform stories of hurt and disappointment to vows of courage and compassion
  • Be curious about how your inner critics may be helping or harming
  • Recruit your inner wisdom and energy for greater wellbeing
  • Heal from past wounds and stuck energies with simple techniques
  • Recover from burnout
  • Not take yourself or others too seriously

Most of all, I help people put joy at the center of their life.

To learn more, contact me.

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