Kindfulness Card Deck

Introducing my new Kindfulness Card Deck! 

Welcome Kindred Spirit, kindness is love in action and you are a messenger. And I have just the perfect instrument to help you be a warrior for compassion, a bearer of light, and a carrier of heart medicine:

A Little Deck of Kindfulness

Confession. I’m obsessed with card decks. For those of you who know me, or have been in my home office, I am a collector of affirmation cards, oracle cards, angel cards, tarot cards, and cards to prompt whatever beneficial skills to overcome procrastination, strengthen brain health, be mindful, find happiness or heal the soul. Whatever it is, I’m game.

As a passion project, I have collected images from my talented sister photographer, Tina; dug up some oldies from the past; and selected from generous photographers who freely share their photos on I can get lost in the search for just the right photo. (A happy obsession or procrastination, I’m not quite sure.) And it’s now ready! I’m so excited!

(See my video of me opening up the cards for the first time!)

I’m doing a small print run for friends, family and fans. They are now available to order!

The deck is based on my approach in cultivating more kindness and compassion for oneself and for others. As I outlined in my book, The Kindness Cure, there is a set of ingredients to help us avoid falling under a S.P.E.L.. This is an acronym for self-protective empathy lethargy.  It creeps up when we are consumed: too busy, tired, afraid, overworked, overwhelmed, tethered to distractions like technology, or simply burned out. Basically, too consumed with coping to care in the ways we would really like: To be authentic, generous and present with each other.  Moreover, we can easily be unkind with ourselves by the stories we narrate in our own minds: I’m not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, attractive enough, and so on. No one is immune.

The antidote to waking up from a SPEL is a mix of PEPPIE. There are 6 PEPPIE ingredients that cultivate kindfulness. For each ingredient there are 8 motivational messages or skills in the card deck.

Being a kindness warrior means loving yourself and being a fierce guardian of your spirit. Kindness is a daily practice of soul-care that encourages you to share your light with others. There may be be times when it seems that kindness has been lost to humanity — and lost to oneself. Do not fear the darkness. The path of kindfulness begins from the inside and radiates out. May these cards serve as guideposts to heal your heart and your world. So don’t wait! Get your PEPPIE on.

We have a limited supply ordered, so be sure to place your order soon! Restrictions apply: Shipping to continental USA only or hand delivery if I see you in person!

What others are saying about The Kindfulness Card Deck

I just received my Little Deck of Kindness and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!  The packaging, the images, the PEPPIE categories…simply amazing!  As a teacher, I am under quite a SPEL by this point in the year (as are my students) and your cards are just what I needed to slow down and remember what is most important.  Thank you for this wonderful treasure:-)  I am so glad I got myself an early Christmas present! ~Tracey S.

Here’s a sneak peek!