You are wired to care.

Humans have evolved not just to survive but to thrive. We are born with a unique physiology for caring, compassion, and cooperation. Kindness lives deep in our bones and in our DNA.

You have an instinct for compassion.

We can grow kind minds.

Our hearts are wise and our brains are flexible.

By comforting others and being comforted, you can strengthen your caring neural circuitry.

You can kindle and rekindle kindness.

Don’t let kindness become a dwindling inner resource.

We can get caught in a spell that separates us from the rest of humanity. It’s called:

Self-Protective Empathy Lethargy  (SPEL).

It’s sneaky. Without being aware, anyone can be snared in a culture of indifference, a mindset of scarcity, and a fear of others. Golden rules start to fade.

Or else we feel too much.

Sometimes we believe that there’s so much suffering that we don’t know where to begin, how to help, or how to make a difference.

We turn away.

We risk losing our innate connection to love and kindness.

Together, we can grow kindness.

We can awaken to compassion.

We can raise our levels of empathy and empowerment for our own good, for the greater good. There’s a balance. A sweet spot. You can break the trance with an elixir of ingredients:

Presence, Emotional regulation, Perspective, Purpose, Integration, Effort.


Be enchanted with kindness.

Shift from stressed to blessed.

Be kind to yourself.

It starts with you.

Breathe. Meditate. Relax more. Linger in the moment.

Learn to love silence. Spend time in nature.

Practice kindfulness. Expand kindsight.

Let the energy of tenderness heal you. Radiate loving-kindness.

Choose to believe that the world is a friendly place.

Small acts of kindness begin at home. Say: “I love you,” “Please,” “Thank you,” “I’m sorry.”

Listen with compassion. Know your boundaries. Trust. Have faith. Connect to core values.

Be gentle. Touch. Cherish the little things. Practice gratitude. Forgive.

Give. LOVE. Play nice. Sing. Dance.

When you become kinder to yourself, you find compassion for others and for our planet.

Be kinder than you think you are.

If you find the world lacking in kindness, then you have work to do. Ask how you can help.

Be a mentor. Be a role model. Walk the talk. Step into another’s shoes. Put in joyful effort.

Increase your kindness quotient: KQ.


Kindness is contagious.

Kindness matters. You may never see the far-reaching ripples of your kindness, but toss the pebble anyway. Be outrageously kind even if you are met with suspicion.

Love anyway.

Pay it forward. Catch it backward.

Build kind communities. Make kindness cool.

Find the kind and courageous in history and emulate that.

When people are kind-hearted, generosity spreads and people are happy. Scientists say so. Ancient wisdom has always known it.

Kindness is love in action.

Maybe your act of kindness won’t win the war on despair and indifference, but you can train a few soldiers in the process. Focus on what has beauty and dignity among humankind.

Lead with a kind and brave heart. Be a kindness warrior.


To be human is to be kind.

You have all the gifts inside to spark a kindness cure.

Follow the KISS principle:

Kindness is Simple and Sacred.