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Articles in, Don’t Let Stress Turn You Into a Meanie and Embracing Imperfection: Five Ways a High Achiever Can Overcome Anxiety (Fall 2023)

Article in, Ease the Loneliness of Perfectionism: A Holistic 4-Step Path (Fall 2023)

Book review in UCONN Magazine (Oct 2023), Life Lessons: Be Kind

Quoted in New York TimesWell Section, The Unexpected Power of Random Acts of Kindness, article by Catherine Pearson, Sept 2, 2022

Quoted in WIRED online magazine, How to Use Tech to Perform Acts of Kindness, by Lisa Kanarek, May 14, 2022

Featured in TIME special issue, The Power of Kindness article, The Feral Child, by Bonnie Rochman, September 2020

Insight Timer reshared a blog article The Inner Critic Deserves Some Respect, February 2020

KJZZ 91.5 article A Space For Arizona Moms Of Children With Disabilities To ‘Do Nothing’ by Mariana Dale, October 10, 2019

Frontiers in Psychology article The Role of Compassion and Mindfulness in Building Parental Resilience When Caring for Children With Chronic Conditions: A Conceptual Model by Tara Cousineau, Lorraine M. Hobbs and Kimberly C. Arthur, August 5, 2019 article  Why choose kindness: Boost your well-being by being kind—to others and to yourself by Marianna Pogosyan PhD, April 11, 2019 article 5 ways to have a better relationship with your mom, by Melissa Schultz, January 17, 2019

The Wise Brain Bulletin article News and Tools For Happiness, Love, and Wisdom, Volume 12, 3, Sept. 2018

Spirituality & Health article 3 Steps to a Kinder Mind, by Kalia Kelmenson, Mar 13, 2018, April 10, 2018: Making the Virtuous Viral at Work

The Great Kindness Challenge, Feb 28, 2018: Growing A Kind Mind With Imagination

Center for Courage & Renewal, Feb 16, 2018: The World Needs More Kindness. Here’s How You Can Help.

Live Purposefully Now, Feb 13, 2018: Taking Stock of Kindness: 20 Questions To Ask Yourself

New Harbinger Publications, Feb 2, 2018: How We Can Stop Being Suspicious of Kindness

Thrive Global, Feb 2, 2018: The Kindness Cure: How the Science of Compassion Can Heal Your Heart & Your World – This is how you can observe your own mind

Mind Body Green, Feb 1, 2018: 5 Science-Baked Ways To Grow Kinder: A Psychologist Explains

Leader Values, Jan 31, 2018: Leading with a Kind Mind – Tara Cousineau, PhD

Open Forest, Jan 31, 2018: Pay It Forward (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It)

Our Shoes Blog by Path2Empathy,  Jan 31, 2018: The Kindness Cure (excerpt)

Finer Minds, Jan 30, 2018: 7 Secrets to Radical Kindness

The Good Men Project, Jan 24, 2018: Daddy’s Girls Get Lessons in Kindness

Podcast Interviews

How to Be a Better Person Podcast, October 2021, Make Friends With Your Inner Critic

Gentle Finds Podcast, February 2021, Become a Kindness Warrior with Tara Cousineau 

The Gastro Girl Podcast, February 2021, The Importance of Kindness in Your GI Journey‬

The Nishant Garg Show, June 22, 2020, Tara Cousineau, Ph.D. on The Science of Compassion, Kindness Cure, Negativity Bias and more

Heart@Work Podcast with Mari-Lyn Harris, July 8, 2019, part of the How to Create an Impactful Legacy Series

Overcoming Distractions Podcast with David Greenwood, Mar 10, 2019, Why Kindness Matters in Business and in Life

Awakening Divine Wildness with Mal Duane, Oct 29, 2018, How To Create More Kindness

Speaking of Partnerships with Ken Bechtel, Oct 3, 2018, Episode 207: Tara Cousineau – Kindness is love in action

Awakened Woman Self Care Podcast with Emma Kupu Mitchell and Christine Pensa, July 4, 2018, Episode 042: Tara Cousineau’s Kindness Cure

NPR The Kindness Podcast with Nicole Phillips, April 5, 2018, Episode 026: Tara Cousineau, Author of “The Kindness Cure”

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly – Motivational Speaker and Author, Feb 13, 2018, Kindness Equals Love In Action

The Jefferson Exchange by Geoffrey Riley, Feb 12, 2018, All Things Considered (Jefferson Public Radio, Oregon)

Optimal Living Now with Justin Malik, Feb 2, 2018, An Excerpt from the book The Kindness Cure by Tara Cousineau (Daily Flash Briefings & Drop of Inspiration – The Power of Us)

The Soul-Directed Life with Janet Conner, Feb 1, 2018, Is There A Universal Ground of Prayer?

Create Your Now with Kristianne Wargo, Feb 1, 2018, My Strength Is My Story with Tara Cousineau, The Kindness Cure

Mindfulness Mode with Bruce Langford, Jan 31, 2018, The Kindness Cure with Author Tara Cousineau

Mama Bear Dares with Tesi and Leslie, Jan 15, 2018, Love & Resist with Dr. Tara Cousineau

The Emotion Machine,  Steven Handle, Dec 16, 2017, Make Kindness Cool Again: Practical Ways to Build a Newer, Nicer World

Radio Interviews

Host Lynn Ware Peek of The Mountain Life on KPCW/NPR Affiliate, July 25, 2018

ConsciousTalk Radio with hosts Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears, June 11, 2018

Dan Skinner on Conversations, Kansas Public Radio & Kansas Audio-Reader Network/NPR Affiliate, May 6, 2018

Host Teri Knight on 15 With the Author, KYMN Radio out of Northfield, MN, April 30, 2018

Janeane Bernstein on Get the Funk Out KUCI 88.9 FM out of Irvine, CA, April 8, 2018

, BYU, XM Satellite, April 4, 2018

Host Cyrus Webb on ConversationsLIVE WMPR 90.1 FM, NPR Affiliate/Podcast, Jackson, MS, April 3, 2018

Host Heidi Holtan and John Bauer on , NPR Affiliate Grand Rapid, MN, March 30, 2018

Host Vicki St. Clair on ConversationsLIVE KKNW AM1150 & FM98.9 HD out of Seattle, WA, March 26, 2018

Host Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones on the Alvin Jones Show WCBQ-AM 1340 -WHNC-AM 890 CBS Affiliate, March 15, 2018

Martha Frankel on Woodstock Book Talk WDST Radio, Radio Woodstock in Woodstock, NY, March 12, 2018

KMA Radio, KMALand, ABC Radio/Westwood One Affiliate with hosts Dean & Don, March 7, 2018

Geoffrey Riley on Jefferson Public Radio, a regionally syndicated NPR station out of Mendocino, CA & Eugene, OR, Feb 12, 2018


Mantra Wellness, Feb 2018, How Kindness Can Change Your Brain

South Shore Living Magazine, Feb 2018, Q&A: Tara Cousineau Ph.D. Discusses Her New Book

The Kindness Connection, The Secrets of Happiness (print) 2017

Q&A Interviews

Dr. Tara Cousineau on “Why Kindness Matters Now More Than Ever” | Lunch with Lisa | Nickerson PR, May 18, 2020

Virtues for Life: The Heart of Everyday Living, Feb 2, 2018, Q&A on Kindness with Tara Cousineau, PhD

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