Cosmic Whispers and Momentary Truths

Josie in Window © Tara Cousineau
I take delight in the collective hysteria about the end of the world hype that cycles in from time to time. “The world’s ending today, Mom,” announced Josie a few weeks ago. “Maybe I’ll see you later,” she declared as she bounded up the driveway to catch the bus. Huh. I got a cup of tea, read the daily horoscope in the Globe, and checked my inbox for other insights on the  various upcoming endings and beginnings. I love receiving astrological emails even though I pay no mind to most. Inevitably, the messages are about some planetary configuration: “The new Moon is in Sagittarius.” Often there is a mystical call to action: “Set up to 10 intentions before noon Eastern time!” “Thursday is the day to plant seeds.” I take comfort in these cosmic declarations offering hope. Mostly, they remind me to tap into my intuition, slow down, and reflect.

No matter what dates may hold meaning there is upon us an opportunity to push the emotional reset button. How about a story about renewal? That’s what I’ve been asking myself. What’s the story I want to create? Not the new me or new body or fresh start. What’s the story I want my peeps to know about me? How can visualize that me when I stop for a moment, or look up at the sky, or out my kitchen window?

So I got to writing down my own personal intentions. These are reminders for myself – like my guideposts for a balanced life – as antidotes to a wired  life. They are the seeds for the story I want to create.


  • I will not be by own worst critic.
  • I intend to treat myself with the same kindness and respect I bestow on the people I love most in my life.

Walk the Talk

  • I will be the person I hope my children will grow up to be. I will show kindness, understanding, forgiveness and fortitude.
  • I’m not always right. I will acknowledge my mistakes and model the courage it takes to make amends and take responsibility.
  • I will be brave. I will take risks to do things I believe in and am passionate about. 


  • I will engage fully in the world and with loved ones, because I know in my heart that belonging, loving and feeling loved matter


  • I will hold the world in wonder just as a child does and embrace the joyful moments as they arrive.


  • I will treat my body as sacred no matter what its shape, size or ability.
  • I will push aside self-comparisons and model for daughters that the beauty culture does not define who I am or who they are. Fitting in is not important, but believing I am worthy is.


  • I intend to be present in my life every day, to notice and be aware of my world and how I engage in it.
  • I have clarity on my values and my goals. I will live by them.


  • I will take time to witness, be present and allow positive growth to unfold.
  • I will take time to rest and restore.


  • I will eat chocolate ice cream with reverence and honor the abdundance in life.

Ice Cream Spoons ©Tara Cousineau

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