Tara Cousineau Launches Kind Minds

I’ve been planting a lot of seeds over the last year and a half.  Perhaps this tending and befriending is a byproduct of the pandemic. Maybe it’s because the times have called me to reflect on what matters. 

Yet, I’m not sitting around thinking, “Gee what’s next?!”  I’m busier than ever with work and life.  There’s been no rest for those of us in the mental health field.

It’s more like  a “now or never” attitude creeped in alongside a gratitude for being alive.  A lot of things were put on pause when COVID hit.  I mean, it’s hard to be human, isn’t it?  We are vulnerable creatures.  Anything can happen.  At some point I had to hit the play button.

I decided to create a podcast, a quiz and a course.

The theme is (you guessed it) about kindness.  But not just about kind acts.  It’s about cultivating kindness from the inside out. Plus, if we can find more ease and joy in living, we can spark a whole lot of resilience.

My KindMinds adventure is about: 

  • Drawing on our inner compassion
  • Being mindful in choices we make
  • Bridging differences
  • Celebrating the small wins
  • Finding ways to evolve our nervous systems to be less reactive and more responsive to the joys and sorrows that life inevitably brings  
  • Feeling purposeful and empowered to effect positive change

My Kind Minds website has been around for a while like a neglected child.  Then it began to appear. It started speaking to me in my daydreams. Like little jabs and pokes.  Kind Minds. Kind Minds.  

I’ve learned to trust these intuitive hits.  When something keeps drawing my attention, at some point I need to take the hint.  

I started to build upon the kindness projects.

  • I turned the kindfulness cards into audio tips on the KindMinds podcast. 
  • I took my popular course on Insight Timer meditation app and pulled together an Overcome Perfectionism Through Self-Compassion workbook and new e-book, Befriending the Inner Critic. (My daughter illustrated the cover!)
  • I crafted a light hearted quiz to introduce folks to their inner critical voices as a way to help people “flip the script” on the negative chatter and be kinder to themselves.  

You can find all of these at my wellbeing hub, KindMinds.co.

The pause is over. Please join me in playing along.

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